My next design challenge (and I’m hiring a team!)

When I was at GDS, I found it hugely interesting to design for GOV.UK in a way that works for people who aren’t particularly confident with technology – designing for everyone.

It’s something I missed at Twitter, where my team was creating advanced interfaces in products for pro users – journalists and social media managers – pretty close to designing for myself. Continue reading

GOV.UK beta

When I left Clearleft in 2010, my intention was to run my own business, not take another full time job within a year. Becoming a civil servant wasn’t even on my radar. But after a 3 month contract on the prototype ‘Alphagov’ project in the spring of 2011 it felt right to be working on something that I knew by then would have a far reaching impact, and touch millions of people – even if it was in a small way for each of them. Continue reading