3.0 is the magic number

For some time my wife has been saying that, as the arrival of Web 2.0 was marked with an abundance of rounded corners, gradients and bargain-stars, so the coming of Web 3.0 will be announced by a surge of triangles and glitter.

Today Flickr has moved on from it’s seemingly perpetual “Beta” development phase into “Gamma” – and Relly’s trying to convince me that the triangular ‘down arrows’ in the new look are a mark of more triangles to come.

I’ve recently been creating visuals for the redesign of another well known Web 2.0 application, and now Relly’s trying to convince me to “make it all Web 3.0” and sneak in some glitter here and there.

The thing is, she’s developing a nasty habit of being right. I’d better see what I can do…

One thought on “3.0 is the magic number

  1. Hurray Relly! The woman clearly has a tighter grip on this “Web *.0” thing than most Webby geeks. Poor things, they’ve never had glamour before: they’re all overexcited.

    Don’t knock ’em (how could anyone be so cruel?). Just hire your missus to forecast forthcoming webby-geeky fashions, and you will always be at the cutting edge of Web development. Probably.

    Mind you, I’m no slowcoach myself. AJAX? Surely everyone knows it still cleans your bath 99% perfectly …. don’t they?!

    Cheers from the cutting edge of Web development! (I’m looking for a cleaner, btw. Pointlessly complicated layers don’t seem to be doing much for my bathroom hygiene.)

    Aunty ;)

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