This’n’That magic trick

Five days ago I filmed myself doing this simple yet popular magic trick from my routine, and uploaded it to YouTube. Since then, things have gone a bit crazy! Today it reached the #1 slot on YouTube, in prime position on their homepage! (update: by midnight on 10 Feb its reached about 1.2 million views. I’m speechless.)

UPDATE: 3 years later, 14-million views on YouTube!

Lots of people are speculating how it’s done. Well, to answer a few questions without revealing the method:

  1. There are only 3 cards: sleight of hand makes it look like there’s more.
  2. There’s no camera trickery or edits, just clever card moves.
  3. Many people say it’s “fake” – well yes, it’s not “real magic” like Harry Potter, as *gasp* that doesn’t exist.

I’d love to read your comments below, but any which reveal the method will not be published.

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151 thoughts on “This’n’That magic trick

  1. Well, congratulation, it is a great trick.
    I figured out the majority of the trick the second time I watched it but it’s the end that boggles me! Where did the Other card come from?!
    Anyways, great trick, keep it up, all the best,

  2. Cheesy. If you notice…the only time all three cards are shown at the same time is only at the end. The this card was strategically pulled each time being the same card. Its all slip of the hand. i thinks. hehe.. Good trick man. Loved it.

  3. Please update the page on how to do it!
    It looks great and I want to know how to do it to impress my mates at school!

  4. Re: CheesyJedi:

    The Other card was always there. Misdirection is the key in magic tricks, and the first trick here is to make you think the trick doesn’t start until he moves a card to the bottom. The trick begins right at the beginning of the video. [ *snip!* – method removed ]

  5. good job man i learned the majoirity of the trick but cant figuire out how u show the three this cards
    i guees were all good at some thing

  6. I don’t understand how some of you cannot see it. The first time I watched the video I was equally amazed. The second time, I saw everything he did. If you watch carefully, you’ll even see him mess up.

  7. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz tell us how to do it!!!


  8. Ohh Does it have somthing to do with how you turn all the cards upside down? =O I wanna know how you do it.

  9. You have a lovely voice. Too bad you’re all the way over in the UK and married…and have a baby….oh well I’m not legal in the US yet anyways. I’m going to have to visit the UK one day. I plan to but sayign it makes it seem more real I guess. I love accents (although I refuse to believe I have a country one-I live in Kansas and everyone here sounds normal.) and have not only watched the video for the sexy voice, but because i do love card tricks. I had a sub for math and he was a magican. He was really good. I’m going to learn how to make peopel freak out as well. That will be fun. Well I’m off to bother more people. Toodles.

  10. hohoooo got how to do it

    watched the video a thousand times lol
    but got it


    i live in brazil, so it wouldn’t be so cheap after all
    hey dude, nice trick ^^

  11. the only thing i cant do out of the whole trick is thga “other” part… but i guess thats why i dont have the magic card. but thats a realli good trick!!

  12. I understand the trick and can do it, but I don’t understand every word you say.
    I’m from Germany and want to show the trick to my friends, but i don’t exactly know what I should say by doing the steps.
    Can u plz write the text you say?? If I read it, I’ll understand it.
    p.s. I know my english isn’t very good ^^”

  13. Thanks for the trick man. It amazing!!!

    After watching the video around 20 times, I was able to figure it out. I try the trick to my 6 year old daughter and she was amazed although my hands is not yet as fast as the video. Needs practice.

  14. I was really impressed at this magic trick even though i have seen something like this before many time watching this video helped me know how to do the trick but my hands are too slow to do this… and people who are trying to find out how to do this trick think outside the box =]

  15. Just a quick question – Why is the UK price for this trick a tenner.. But the US price $6? You say you’re in the UK, so you make approx’ £3 every time someone in the US buys the trick.. and £10 when someone in the UK buys it. I knew I was living in ‘Ripoff Britain’ but didn’t realise it was to the extent of more than a 100% price increase.. :). Just wondering why there’s such a significant different…?

    [ reply – turns out that was a mistake by the store. It’s been corrected now – Nice Paul ]

  16. well thats easy you can see he moves them as he shifts them a bit and as he shows one the others always ther he just has itnext to a this card and at the end when he shiftes them he puts the other ontop of the this and boda bing its done

  17. oh and when hes showing the second this card at the end you can see part of the other card and as he puts it down he brushes the side showing u it

  18. Alvin – there is no error. 55-56 seconds is when the sound says “this card, this card, and this card” – and the picture is me showing that all three cards are now “this card”. I see no problem with that.

    Dazmi – many people find the effect amazing, but the method really is dull. If everyone knew the method it would spoil the fun for them. If someone who wants to amaze their friends with it is happy to pay (and lets face it, it costs less than a Big Mac Meal), it shows they’re genuinely interested in learning some magic and doing it well enough so as to keep the secret. It filters the potential magicians from the timewasters.

  19. Sup Nice Paul,

    Really amazing stunt right there, ive alwasy thought magi tricks are cool and something i’d like to know a bit of myself, and as of watching your slippery trick and then seeing your links to the beuty, i decided i want this. Allthough, it seems i can’t order the item since im not living in UK or the states, wich is a real bummer, you dont happen to know any store with this original pack that sells to people living in Sweden aswell?

    Thanks mate, good stuff! =)

  20. Why is everyone messaging about how they think it’s done? Go buy it and then you will have all the words you need to say and all the moves you need to do.

  21. That’s not very fair £10 = $19.50 (ish) So why do we pay more!?!?!? how about $6 for the US and £3.08(ish) for the UK : ) Fair and square
    [reply: it turns out the store made a mistake, the UK price is £4.50 – Nice Paul]

  22. I figured out how to do it as well. nonetheless the trick was pretty cool to begin with. keep it up dude.

  23. Re: Zeratul

    Okay here’s what Paul, the Clearlett’s resident magican, most likely said. Please excuse spelling errors and other grammer errors consoidering Paul speaks very quickly. ANd I have the attention span of a goldfish on crack. ^^

    “A guy came up to me on the street the other day and he said look I got a game I like to play with three playing cards. I got ‘this’ card, ‘this’ card, and ‘that’ card. He said all you have to do is keep your eye on ‘that’ card and as he said it he moved it to the bottom of the pile, I saw him do it. I said it’s easy ‘that’ card is on the bottom and he said no that’s ‘this’ card. I said well fine if ‘this’ card is on the bottom then ‘that’ card must be on the top and he said no that’s also ‘this’ card. I said well if ‘this’ card is on the bottom and the top then ‘that’ card must be in the middle. He said no that’s also ‘this’ card. I said well then that’s not fair you’re using three of ‘this’ card. He said no ‘that’ card is on the bottom. I said yes but that was just ‘this’ card and he said yes so was the one on the top and now that is also ‘that’ card. I said fair enough if ‘that’ card is on top and bottom then you’re using two ‘that’ cards. He siad no I’m using three, ‘that’ card is also in the middle. I said well that’s not fair you’re using three of ‘that’ cards. He said no we have ‘this’ card, and ‘this’ card, and ‘this’ card. I said you’re obviously cheating and he said yes well you have to rememeber in life: you get a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and not much of the other.”

  24. Thanks Amber – spot on. By the way, “Clearleft’s resident magician” in my description is a joke… they’re a web design company but I joke that they only hired me as their designer so that I’d show them more magic tricks ;-)

  25. I know this trick now, it is easy, i do it faster than u, no offense. Once u learn how to do it, it is easy, and i didnt even need to buy the $6 thing. But i will keep the secret for anyone that doesnt know. Really cool trick though.

  26. I loved your version of the monte. I hope you don’t mind if I add your version to my personal repertoire. I’ll be sure to attribute the trick to you if ever fellow magicians ask about it. I’m not a professional, but I’ll make sure to ask for your permission if I ever get the chance to include it in a paid performance. :-P

    And btw, I think it’d be a good idea to censor the comments here that are exposing the trick. Just an idea. :-)

  27. I have always liked that effect. Of late I have been doing it with a joker, a queen of hearts, and a 3 of clubs. Similar presentation, different patter.
    In your versions the cards “talked” a bit too much which may give it away or at least suggest to the audience that someting is awry.
    Are Dai Vernon’s “Twisting The Aces” and (I forget who created it and most of my magic books are packed away at the moment) Wild Card also in yr bag of tricks?
    And finally, have you ever checked out Eugene Burger?

  28. that was an amazing trick. i spent all of yesterday figuring it out myself and i finally found how you did it. but the one thing you got that i dont is card handling, which is key in making the trick work. so once i get everything down and perfect i will show it to my friends and the secret will be safe with me. but until i have everything perfect, i dont want to be found out or spoil the genius thats behind the trick. very amazing though, if only i could call the trick my own.

  29. and also for anyone thats looking for blank cards, i was rumaging through my parents cards and found four completly blank cards in a bicycle penochle deck. but note that there isnt the bicycle back design of blue or red, the card is completly white on both sides. but it still works perfectly, it just doesnt have the experieced show to the trick.

  30. That’s a good trick. After I watched it about 3 times I figured out how you do the whole routine… but you’re way smoother than I could ever be :P

  31. It took me a few watches, but I think I’ve figured it out now that I know there really are only three cards. Nice work. :)

  32. if u want plain white cards on one side with the bicycle logo on the other side, you could try erasing the numbered side with a regular white eraser. this may take some time but should come out with a clean result. (not sure if it works on playing cards, defiantly works with other cards , will try later)

  33. i got how to do this trick after watching the video. i have tried doing this trick to people and there is no one else as of yet that can figure how it is done. it is a great trick, the simplicity is brilliant, and the words are awesome . hope to c more and its great to hear how popular ur video has been. every one loves a good card trick,

  34. Despite saying I am amazed by your card trick I have got to write that I love your accent. It is really great. It is the one we have been taught at school and having watched so many videos I couldn’t believe that RP hasn’t yet died out!

  35. Hi there!!

    After watching it a few times, I got it all figured, but don’t worry! Your secret is safe with me.

    I just want to say that was really entertaining and I enjoyed watching it. I have been a fan and a learner of magic tricks since I was very small. :D So this trick is another in the bag! Thanks for the video!

  36. Great Trick! Watched it now ten times and finally got it how it works. Tried it myself at home and indeed, my method seems to work… easy but well done. Now just to work on my moves and get this trick smoothly and perfectly done. Hard work but still trying… Love to see more of your tricks. Kind Regards from the Netherlands.

  37. Very well done, I’ve been messing with tricks myself for a while and can see how it’s done. But it’s a great routine. I had a quick go and need lots of practice.

  38. really kool trick
    cant do all of it but found some parts
    1 problem my family isnt well rich so i would love it if paul could say how to do it or some1 say or give some hints and tips pls
    ( i use a computer at my friends house, school and library )
    plz will some1 email me on
    for some help and if some 1 is genourous will they explain the whole thing
    plz help thnx

  39. I must give you props for your sleight of hand. You gave it away two times so far as I have spotted. But good work anyway.

  40. Dude, the trick is amazing but i will tell you one thing: It is simple – the speed in which you use your hands must be it. You need all control over the three cards, the three different cards, and move them around as if they were just two. What is amazing is how you don’t forget what’s next, you need a lot of practice. I gotta recognize that it was quite impressive the first time, I just have to say that it freaked me out, so good luck in the next magic tricks.

  41. Haha wow this is great.
    I love magic tricks and have been doing them since i was 10 and I am now 16 I have seen this trick performed many times and actually took the time to buy the trick and its well worth the money i recommend it this adds to my collection of tricks if you like magic its well worth the money to buy the trick.

  42. dam man, thats a good one. i’ll tell u right now tho,even if i purchased the trick, i wouldnt be able to do it. ha. well done tho mayne.

  43. Very nice job. It is a pleasure to see someone who embodies the spirit of magic and doing something to take a stand against all those looking for spoilers and free rides into the world of magic. A very cute adaptation of the monte – I’m going to be getting out my blanks and trying this one out!

  44. Yay! I get it. It’s actually quite simple but i need to steady my hand a bit. Got it after watching it carefully 3 times. My mum was astonished! Lol it was funny. Can’t wait to show my mates. Cheers for the trick

  45. gr8 trick!!….i watched it like 5 times 2 get it right.
    how do u do that???
    i live all tha way in australia, so i cant buy tha instructions. plus my parents dont use a credit card
    cos they h8 having 2 pay evrything back.
    anyways…pls if u can…put @ least 1 of ur magic tricks on so i can learn!!

  46. That is definitely an awesome trick, and I totally figured it out. I won’t post it here and spoil it for anyone, but if anyone wants to know, drop me an email. I’d be glad to share. Still really awesome though.

  47. lolz 2 in 1 :P nice meh but can u do this ~holds up hands there ish nutin dare~
    ~closes then then opens dem there ish nutin
    ` tada i made you waste time :P

  48. I have been fascinated with magic tricks since I was little. To me magic tricks are just riddles, except instead of using story, it uses props (sometimes both). I never let somebody tell me the answer to a riddle, and I never let them tell me how to do a magic trick. But I love trying to figure it out! By the way, I was impressed when I saw that you aren’t even getting paid when people buy the book for this trick! I wish you the best.

  49. ahhh you suck asshole i cant buy shit off the net. you shoulda just told people. spread the love an dont sell out to crappy little shops that probably make you fuck all money anyways. eat shit butt hole.

  50. cheez jedi, it was always there!! thats the cool thing, he kept moving the cards around so that we never saw it till the end!

  51. I repeat your game… you’re very very fast, but the trick is so simple…
    Congratulation for the video… I think I will send to you tube 1 of this days… gratis. Bye

  52. Oh my god, im gonna say the same as Amber did. Your voice is awsome, even if Im a guy, I still love yer voice.
    Accents > all, and the trick is awsome too, but yer voice is better :b

  53. Hey there,
    very nice card trick you’ve been showing the world. Your article on how-to-learn-the-goddamn-thing seems really fair to me, fair included – there’s only one thing:How am I supposed to make my payment and buy the instructions when I’m from neither the UK nor the US?
    Regards, KK
    [ reply: both of the online stores I’ve linked to will ship internationally, its just that they’re located in the UK and USA respectively – Paul ]

  54. Wow dude, for the first time I wached it, I couldn’t figure it out.
    in the fifth time i kinda got the hang of it.
    Your hand are quite quick, but in the ending I saw somthing again. :]
    Anyway, I think I got how made it appear that there were two This cards in the begining, and how you kept the Other card hidden.
    I’m still trying to figure out some other parts, but I hope it’ll come to me soon.

  55. I pretty much caught the entire trick in 1 watch. And I managed to verify them by watching the entire video in slow motion. It’s not something you can master just by knowing. It’s more towards something that you have to train repeatedly to perfect. I have to admit it’s pretty well done though. An average person would not be able to see through the trick easily much less master it.

  56. Variation on the elmsley count… well done.. you should try the NFW, which’s really great.
    For those who have no idea how this trick should be performed, 1 hint: ‘double turn’

  57. Hey Paul, I did comment on your video via YouTube but followed the link to your site here (kind of hoping to see more magic actually). Anyway, great trick, I loved it and I am sure that my fellow magicians (whom i sent the link to also) will comment in due course. Keep up the good work !!!

  58. hey man! great stuff… i liked you script.. and the well executed DL’s!! any regular person would never be able to catch that! and ppl telling that by looking the slowmotion video they figuered it out – that all BULLSHIT.. it’s all pure slight hand with a touch of an excellent script and unique idea of using THIS, THAT and the OTHER card! welldone man! wanna see more of this from you!

  59. I GOT HOW ITZ DONE. He messed up a bit But nice trick man! Gonna keep it a secret. Magic wont be magic unless everyone knows how it’s done. But to be fair, itz quite just a simple and easy trick.

  60. Hey, I’ve watched this at least twenty times now, and it’s just as good every time. I’ve left you a few comments on YouTube, you even commented one of my comments saying that you had it so they’d show up for the camera in the right direction but it messed up. (It was that last turn after you showed all 3 “This” cards that got you ;)) I’ve watched it so much that I’ve memorized it, and taught myself the trick. I’ve showed my little brother a few times now and he still hasn’t gotten it :). Thanks alot for putting it up, I really enjoy it, and congradulations on all the views / comments you’ve received :)

  61. Another video of it, but better!

    [ reply: this is a completely different “trick”, if it is a trick at all. I can’t see what’s going, to be honest (although I got bored and turned off half way through) – Paul ]

  62. I just came from Bo’s coffee wit my best friend after we did a tour of our hospital (we are both medical students), and i showed him the trick. He was constantly interrupting my script that he might have spotted why “this” card has been showin everytime (i havent mastered the handling yet tho) and he’s a good observer, but he was like “wow” when i showed the “other” card at the end of the trick. Misdirection man. All credits to you. Hoping to see more magic flicks from you.

  63. whats funny is this is how my freind made £600 from this…
    he showed a magic trick to people at school then it was £10 for each explanation guide…
    13 different tricks lol… somehow im suprised he didnt make more…
    still, your amazing lol =p

  64. If you know how Jumping Gemini works, then you can easily figure out how this one works, too, although I’m sure this comment will be edited.

  65. OMG DUDE TAT WAS WICKED HOW DO YOU DO TAT????????? Ok ok calming down now… ok calm but i meen dude how did you do tat. You should go for America’s Got Talent like the quick change artist!

  66. I really like this trick just call 941-927-811 and ill give you some of my tricks and if u calll u MUST never tell ANYONE them.

  67. Fantastic trick!! I purchased your explanation video on PubTricks and I am having the time of my life baffling friends.

    Although I must ask: What cards do you recommend? Bicycle? And where did you get those ubercool blank cards?

    Again, awesome trick! Best 9 bucks I’ve ever spent!

  68. Hey Paul – update time!

    Just wanted to come back and thank you again for the incredible trick but to also thank you for my newfound hobby. This video alone brought me into the world of magic. I’ve went ahead and bought some instructional DVDs from and I’m practicing the moves and tricks in there every day. Any tips for a beginner like me on how to started practicing magic (how did you go about starting?)

    Again, thanks for many years to come. Enjoy your crazy success with the video – you’ve certainly earned it.

  69. Hi Ryan. Thanks for the update, and I’m so glad you’ve found a new hobby in the art of deception! If I can recommend anything for cards it’d be The Royal Road to Card Magic. The book’s a classic, and I haven’t seen the DVD but that’s gotta be even better. The best advice is that its all in the presentation, so practice practice practice (not just the moves, but to get more confident at the script of a trick). If you want any more tips, please feel free to drop me an email :-)

  70. Best…. Card Trick….. Ever!
    Don’t let my first sentence mislead you, as I know how this trick is performed and I have, on occasion, performed it for my friends, and I will not be revealing the magic behind this trick any time soon.

  71. That is a bad(as in good) trick dude I got into card tricks not to long ago
    so I had to learn this one and I did thanks to your video on you tube
    its one of the best ones I have THANKS!!!!!!

  72. Paul,
    Holy crap! That trick is freaking awsome, everyone said they learned it from watching closely so thats what I’m going to do. I can’t wait to learn it, I love card tricks and want to continue learing all diffirent ones. By the way, you accent is EXTREMELY sexy, seriously i love it

  73. i googled blank bicicle playing cards but I got ones that were blank on both sides… PLEASE HELP!!

  74. It was really amazing the first time i watched looked so simple that i had to find out how to do it.if you are trying to figure it out,you can’t really see the cards he is using,but you can hear it.i’m not sure you will understand, but it really helped me.the other card was used in a way that i knew of so it was very simple.i just had to know how he used the others.

  75. i might try to do this trick on youtube also and i will give full credit from where it came from.

  76. well no not necessarily because i can love magic and sleight of hand trick but i dont have a credit card therefore i cant buy it and i have to find a spoiler

  77. You cannot believe how long ive been searching for something like this. Scrolled through 8 pages of Google results without finding anything. Very first page on Bing. There this is…. Really gotta start using that more often

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