Parallax tutorial on Vitamin

How to Recreate Silverback's Parallax, article on Vitamin

Clearleft is creating a desktop application for web designers. We put the holding page live at last week.

There was no fanfare – I just told a few friends to check it out, but the word spread like wildfire and within a day it had received 25,000 visitors!

The response was overwhelming and unexpected – not just from web designers excited to find out more about our application, but also from those eager to find out how the clever pseudo-3D background effect works (this effect is only visible as you resize the browser window).

In response to their requests, Vitamin have now published my tutorial How to recreate Silverback’s Parallax. Go read it! But if you don’t, feel free to join the other people who haven’t read the article either, but are still leaving comments at the end of it.

3 thoughts on “Parallax tutorial on Vitamin

  1. Read it. Got it. Loved it. Nicked it. Tweaked it.

    Here’s a link to my swift sling-together in response to your call for an easter egg within the easter egg. I think it should work: I like to call it Ken The Crapper.

    Cap duly doffed in your direction sir – full credits in the CSS.

    CAVEATS: No retro IE fix as yet – more a sandbox proof of concept for myself and the client. And to have a fanny about with this really rather nifty trick. I doubt it’ll be up there long anyways.

    Not posting this on the tutorial site – like you, not too bothered about fanfare or a hoard of visits, and can’t really handle group rejection – but thought you might like a gander anyhow.

    Cheers, Rich.

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