Bush admits to lying over Iraq

I’m no political blogger, but I do take a mild interest in the blunderings of George W. Bush for pure entertainment value and just in case he accidentally presses the big red button when he’s meaning to call for a pizza. Today I stumbled upon a Huffington Post article quoting Dubya’s recent speech about the latest developments in Iraq:

War critics can no longer credibly argue that we are losing in Iraq, so now they argue the war costs too much.” President Bush – March 19, 2008.

As you can see from the second part of the sentence, Bush is trying to attack the methods of war critics. I include that just for context, but it is of no importance to the following point.

Taking just the first part of the sentence, Bush is clearly saying that up until now there has been credibility to the argument that the US Army is losing in Iraq. Which to me reads as an admission that each time he’s assured the world of their success for the last four years, he knew it was a lie.

The Huffington Post has the man’s incompetence in full.

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4 thoughts on “Bush admits to lying over Iraq

  1. Sorry, but this simply doesn’t hold water. To say “War critics can no longer credibly argue that we are losing the war…” he is simply asserting that this argument is no longer credible. This does seem to imply that the degree of credibility has changed. It might have been credible to argue that before, or simply a little bit more credible than now, but his assertion is that it is not at this point credible.

    This credibility is, presumably, in the eyes of the public. By seemingly implying that it was previously credible to say that we’ll lose the war, W. is not saying that *he* believed before that we would lose the war, but simply that someone might have been persuaded at one time by arguments that we would lose the war.

    Therefore the conclusion that Bush is lying seems to be completely unfounded. You may not like the guy, but is that a valid reason to falsely accuse him?

  2. I disagree. To me, it sounds like he’s saying there was credibility to their claims before, despite what he’d said. Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge – he’s forgiven for everything now that he’s given up his golf in solidarity for those who’ve given up their lives to fight his battle.

  3. I wish I could apologize for the United States inability to look outside fear, hate and ignorance in any decision process. But the reality is that Bush bought the votes for both presidential elections through direct fraudulent actions of the GOP and or ignoring the reports of tampered elections.

    The United States is slowly becoming a fascist government, and the rest of the world is just watching. Is there no hope? I fear that even Obama, with his serious lack of experience, will prove too late.

    Rupert Murdoch said the best thing that will come out of the Iraq war will be gasoline at $20 a barrel. I personally am glad it is not $20 a barrel. The United States must start to see themselves globally, and not some isolated pimply face teen wanting to have money and sex.

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