A bit more of a catch up

Unlimited films! The cinema down the road from me does an amazing deal which is basically £10 a month for a ticket to see as many films as I want! So I've got myself one :-D Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll? Well more like buns, scones, and a nice cup of tea - I've recently been on the road with easyworld for a few dates on their recent UK tour, taking photos for the website I run for Jive Records. Which was nice. Oh, the things you can call 'work' when you're self employed!! (well it was paid!)

I went to Thorpe Park with some of my London friends, and I've never been there so it brought out the inner child in me! I went on the Nemesis Inferno three times! There may be photos soon... and comedy moment when Jonathan was recognised by a kid coz of his TV show.

Umm, yeah... I think that's about it for now.