From now on, more regular updates I promise!

Relly wants to get a cat, so we're going to the RSPCA today to see how allergic to them I really am. We have persmission from the landlord, and I really think it'd be nice to have a cat around... I just hope we don't get one that causes me to break out in itchy painful hives whenever I'm in the house, which lets face it is most of the time now that I'm self-employed. I was taking photos on easyworld's 2nd Amendment video shoot yesterday, which was interesting yet boring at the same time. The video looks amazing (their best yet), but the process of filming it is so long and tedious that it almost makes me glad I'm not a film-maker. Almost. Given that I have a degree in it and love it really.

On Monday we won a pub quiz night in Eastbourne!! And the prize money paid for the night out, so that was some free fun :-) The topic of the quiz was 'music', so it probably helped somewhat that our team consisted of (amongst others) a record shop owner, a record company employee, a band member and an ex-radio producer!

I redesigned this site in 24 hours! But the code's not up to scratch if you ask me. It works fine cross-browser when I tested it, but there's no web standards compliance which is something I have to spend more time looking into. Layouts done with CSS, and all that. I'm sure if anyone from the BNM mailing list looks at it I'll get nothing but flames! ;-)

Gotta go out now. Things to post.