Woot. Two posts in one day!

We saw some lovely cats earlier at the RSPCA centre in Brighton. We'd gone with the intention of adopting a grumpy cat who they were having trouble re-homing, but when we realised just how grumpy it is, we changed our minds and headed for the friendly cats! It seems that the allergy of cats that I had as a child and a teenager has somewhat calmed down. Although I could still feel a tingle in my eyes a little bit, it wasn't anything to worry about and it certainly didn't hurt and make me itch all over like it did when I was younger.

It is on this basis that we decided upon Ida, a very friendly white and black cat who loves the attention we gave her. She's only called Ida coz that's what they named her there, so we have the opportunity of re-naming her. I don't know what's wrong with the woman, but my girlfriend refuses to call it Dr Zoidberg, which to me was an obvious first choice.

I think we'll settle with Emily.

My bath is calling me...