Accidental iPod

One thing I neglected to mention earlier was that whilst I was in London, my fiancé Relly was back in Brighton being bored. As she tends to do, she browses eBay to upset herself about all the pretty things we can't afford because we're busy saving for the wedding in July. So there she was, sitting on the sofa and using the iBook to check out the prices of an iPod to match.

You'd expect that pressing 'buy it now' would then take you to a page which says "you are about to buy an iPod for X amount of money plus X for shipping" - but apparently not if you're already logged in. What she hadn't realised was that I hadn't logged out of eBay last time I used it, so now I'm the proud owner of a new 40GB iPod (yet to be delivered).

Fortunately this doesn't bother me too much as we want to cut down on our massive CD collection so that we can move to a smaller flat soon, but since we don't want to lose any of the music an iPod is essential. And rather than spending £400 in a high street store I'm much happier to get a new (sealed) one from eBay for £330.

She was very nice to me last night...