London with friends

Although I no longer live in London I still have some web design business to do there from time to time, and when I do I try to arrange several meetings on the same day. So it was that Friday started in Dean Street with a meeting about a 'sales department' for Nice Design. This is most welcome, as although I prefer designing sites for local businesses in Brighton, London still seems to be where the higher budget jobs originate. After this meeting I made my way swiftly to a lunch appointment in Greek Street's Nando's to discuss music websites, file sharing, and CD sales with an important 'playa' from a major record label. I can say no more, other than that sometimes I do feel a pang of hypocrisy when on one hand I occasionally use Kazaa to get hold of a track I can't otherwise find, yet I then talk to record industry peoples about digital rights management and the proliferation of their artists' work in the illegally pirated markets.

My afternoon consisted of a fleeting meeting with a web agency followed by a long overdo catch-up with Calum and Tariq, two friends I left behind when I moved from London to Brighton. It was especially important for me to see Calum again, as we haven't seen each other since June and he's due to be an usher at my wedding in July!

It was lovely to see them over a few drinks, and to my surprise they both (at my recommendation) bought both CD1 and CD2 of Easyworld's new single 'Til the Day, which is doing really well in this week's midweek charts and has had loads of publicity on TV and radio, which is great. So fingers crossed for them!

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for more than three pints as I had to rush back to Brighton on the train to drink some coke with a cigarette butt in it (see yesterday's blog entry), but we did have time to discuss magic (obviously), why reflected images in a mirror appear reversed left-to-right, but not top-to-bottom, and how on Earth do they make Maltesers seamless. Something that needs some research, I think.