i-Mate Jam on Orange, renamed "M500"

The i-Mate Jam smartphone / compact PDA was kindly demo'd to be by Stu at our first wedding anniversary BBQ, and I have to say it looks nice! Unfortunately, for my network it has been renamed the not-quite-so-catchy Orange M500, and been given a facelift (facedrop?) to make it less curvy and more corporate (read, dull). Presumably this is in an attempt to prevent those of us who want the i-Mate Jam on Orange from finding it!

I've always been a hipster PDA man than one who lugs too much technology around. But with the start of my new job in a management role I'll probably have to think more about backing up the data I create on the move. Not wanting the inconvenience of a large PDA, a seperate mobile phone and an iPod around with me, the compact size of the i-Mate Jam appeals. I'm yet to be convinced that it'll replace the iPod!

For more info, see The Register's in depth review of the Orange M500 which is slightly more favourable than their review of the original i-Mate Jam.

The iMate Jam is also known by the following pseudonyms:

  • Magician (generic term)
  • i-Mate Jam (Vodafone)
  • Orange M500 (Orange)
  • MDA Compact (T-Mobile)
  • XDA Mini (O2)