In at the deep end

When I started as Online Manager at my new place of work on August 1st, my responsibility was the delivery mechanism for our web applications. In other words I would be in charge of the look, structure, and flow of the product websites. That soon changed. The build of our web applications had so far been organised by business consultants and the interface design overseen by a filmmaker, with a severe lack of any project management. I am the first "web consultant" -type in the company and it has quickly become clear that I was having as much input into the actual products as I was into the delivery mechanism.

Neither the web applications nor the working methods were of a high standard, so I've quickly introduced a project management system and the industry best practices such as Web Standards (here's why).

It seems that every recommendation I've made and justification of it has been met with wide-eyed awe, on one occasion even resulting in one of the MDs saying "Why didn't we have a 'Paul' on the team this time last year?"!

So I'm pleased to announce that I'm no longer Online Manager, but have been promoted to Creative Director. I've also implemented a complete rebuild of the web applications front-end, using a new method so that it doesn't take as long as it did the first time, and the product will be infinitely better.

And next week I move out of the Travelodge and into a more comfortable hotel where they even have *gasp* internet access, allowing me to blog a little more frequently. Which is nice.