Please excuse the mess

Big changes are afoot, and amongst other things I made a hasty return to blogging last month. Please avert your eyes from the many things which are currently a bit shabby about this blog. I'll get around to fixing them soon. UPDATE: Feb 2007, moved to Wordpress.

Here's a list of things I should get around to changing. If you spot any other imperfections please leave a comment and I'll add them to the list:

  • The design was rushed and overall I'm not happy with it. It's not well thought out good design, and it's not deliberately simple. Needs attention.
  • I'm keen to try MeasureMap to track traffic around my blog, but it seems to be delayed into Beta. I hope to install it asap.
  • Comment textarea text is too small to read it as you type. Looks like the same can be said of code text too!
  • The 'post' and 'preview' comment buttons have a ? either side of them for some reason.
  • Why not just have a live comment preview?
  • When you post a comment you need to refresh your browser to see it on the page. Is this a known issue with other MovableType blogs? It happens on my wife's and my brother-in-law's too, both of which are on the same installation as this blog.
  • Comments aren't well formatted.
  • Enable Gravatars on comments
  • strong text shouldn't be a different colour to plain text.
  • Perhaps a search function. Live search?
  • The main nav is too spaced out in Internet Explorer.
  • Links to category and date archives have .html on the end. I'd like to get rid of this unneccesary cruft.
  • I should put section headers within the main nav.