Our little baby boy!

Our baby boy's 20 week scan.

On Monday afternoon we got a really good look at our unborn baby when Relly had her 20 week scan. Everything which they check for at this stage seemed to be fine and healthy, and we even learnt that it's (probably) a little boy! :-)

It was great to see him moving about and I'm convinced he even waved at one point, so he must be a clever little chap.

In this photo you can clearly see the profile of the baby's head on the left of the frame, withi his body to the right and the feet on the very right hand edge.

The image wasn't always so clear, and the scanographer would from time to time say things like "here you can see the kidneys", and I'd be looking at a load of white noise thinking to myself "has she got a secret screen hidden down his side of the bed that I can't see?!"

Relly with baby clothes

Although neither Relly or I had any preference whether we have a boy or a girl, at least the fact that it's a boy means that many of the hand-me-down baby clothes and eBay bargains which Relly has enjoyed finding won't go to waste. Indeed, looking at the mountain of clothes which we seem to have accumulated (but which I'm assured will only last a few months), I'm quite jealous. Our unborn child has cooler clothes than I do!