Clear me a desk if there's one left

My new desk space, Clearleft's office

(apologies for the atrocious title on this entry)

Yesterday I started sharing office space with Clearleft, one of the web design agencies who I regularly freelance for.

Since leaving to be my own boss I've been working from my home office, apart from the short times I spent away consulting on web projects for BT and IBM. With a baby due any time I imagine that it would get increasingly difficult to concentrate on getting things done at home, so the move to an office is A Good Thing.

Obviously when the little one is born I'll be taking a couple of weeks off from work to get to know him, as this is very important for the bonding process between baby and parents. But apart from that, I'm now full time in my central Brighton office, and it's all very exciting.

I'm looking forward to my time here. It'll be good for us all to have other web designers for company, as we're all pretty used to working alone from our home offices. And what better company for me to have? Clearleft is run by three of the most respected Web Standards experts in the UK, Andy, Rich, and Jeremy. Also sharing the office is Pete, who works for Creative Commons. I definitely got the better end of the deal there, and am grateful for their invitation to office-share. I'm sure we'll all find collaborating on projects much easier by being in the same place.

To celebrate the new office I invested in some new shoes. Not a natural way to celebrate (my wife would disagree), but I saw them and had to have them. Feet, meet Mr Happy.