Counting down the days

Almost all my free time at the moment is dedicated to preparing our house for baby's arrival. Although we're both really looking forward to it, the realisation of how much we have yet to do is quite worrying. The only thing this weekend which justified a break from the chores was the return of the Cybermen on Doctor Who. If there was something not to be missed, I thought that would be it. Last year the Daleks made a triumphant return, last month saw K9's reasonably welcome reappearance, but Saturday's Rise of the Cybermen was a disappointment. Particularly so after last week's episode (The Girl in the Fireplace) was the best yet. David Tennant makes a brilliantly comedic Doctor.

The Doctor: "It's a temporal hyperlink!" Mickey: "What's one of them?" The Doctor: "No idea. Just made it up. Didn't want to say 'magic door'."

Our work-horse of a 2001-model digital camera now rarely switches to 'record' mode, so can't be relied upon for Baby's precious first moments. Unfortunately a replacement is not as high up the shopping list as other more vital baby-related purchases such as some flooring for the nursery, so I'm charging my DV camera as that also takes stills. The writing of the baby shopping list is "mummy's" responsibility. It's she who must remain stress-free during pregnancy so only she who knows what will help her achieve that (though another pair of Rocketdogs will likely raise my suspicions).

As this will be our first baby, it's both exciting and scary at the same time. Each time we're asked "how long until the baby" it seems to get rapidly shorter. This peaked when we no longer counted the time remaining in months, but started counting in weeks (two months became 8 weeks, then 7 etc.). Yesterday we switched from counting the weeks to counting the days.