Battle of Who Could Care Less

One of the things which sticks in my mind about the first time I stayed at my then future-wife's flat in Bristol is the pile of unsorted CDs and empty cases which were strewn haphazardly around her stereo. I couldn't understand how anybody could take such little care - not just because of the damage they could suffer but also out of convenience. I have hundreds of CD albums, and when Relly and I met they were all on my CD shelves, alphabetised by artist. She says I'm anal - life's too short to arrange the CD collection like this, but I say life's too short NOT to. I don't want to spend hours searching for a particular CD.

Of course, now that all the music's in iTunes and on the iPod there's no argument. I've stopped fighting The Battle of the Alphabetised CD Collection.

These days all our CDs just take up space. Maybe they'd look nicer sorted by colour.