Catch-up and redirects

My baby boy is now 5 months old, and the fact that I haven't blogged since his birth is almost rude. He'd be offended, if he knew how. Truth be told, life is far too hectic to be blogging when there are nappies to change, babies to feed, and sleep to catch up on. But 5 months in and I'm ready to write again. I had thought of creating a "new father's blog" to document the first months of Toby's life, but the first two I clicked when I Googled for others were abandoned, probably also through lack of time. At least that makes me feel less bad.

Andy is always talking about blogging as part of my job, so that's now how I intend to justify the time I spend on it.

My next few entries will cover some of the things I've been meaning to blog about but haven't had time.

*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FEED READER USERS* - I've moved my RSS feed to Feedburner, and all the necessary redirects are in place so you shouldn't really have to do anything. Fingers crossed that this reaches you OK!