This'n'That magic trick

[youtube=] Five days ago I filmed myself doing this simple yet popular magic trick from my routine, and uploaded it to YouTube. Since then, things have gone a bit crazy! Today it reached the #1 slot on YouTube, in prime position on their homepage! (update: by midnight on 10 Feb its reached about 1.2 million views. I'm speechless.)

UPDATE: 3 years later, 14-million views on YouTube!

Lots of people are speculating how it's done. Well, to answer a few questions without revealing the method:

  1. There are only 3 cards: sleight of hand makes it look like there's more.
  2. There's no camera trickery or edits, just clever card moves.
  3. Many people say it's "fake" - well yes, it's not "real magic" like Harry Potter, as *gasp* that doesn't exist.

I'd love to read your comments below, but any which reveal the method will not be published.

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