“Oooh, that's Clever!”

Paul For the third year running, I was fortunate enough to travel to South by South West interactive festival in Austin, Texas, with the other guys from Clearleft. It's always an amazing event, where I learn some useful stuff but more importantly meet some fantastic people (hello!). The difference for me this year is that I was giving a presentation.

My talk was about design delighters and Easter eggs, about hiding clever little gems in websites which people will find, enjoy, and share with their friends. The benefit of this is an intangible viral marketing effect which will help engage your audience and build hype around your product or service.

Audience for my talk. I have been overwhelmed by the positive response to my talk, on Twitter and elsewhere, with people describing it as their "favourite thing they've ever seen at SXSW [#]", and "the presentation that stayed with me the most [#]". Paul Boag, of the Boagworld web design podcast, said "A really, REALLY good presentation by @nicepaul. Very entertaining and inspiring [#], the best I have seen in a long time. It was obviously carefully prepared, informative and very entertaining [#]". Very flattering indeed!

Unlike some of the others at Clearleft I haven't done a lot of presenting, so I was a little nervous to find that I was in Ballroom A - the largest room at the conference, with over 1,000 people in the audience. Still, I had fun, and hope it will lead to more speaking opportunities at conferences in the future (I'm already in talks with a couple, so watch this space!)

If you saw me present and haven't yet rated my panel at rate.sxsw.com, please do, so I'm invited back next year! (you'll need to scroll down to the 3.30pm timeslot to vote)

The talk was deliberately very visual, featuring a magic trick, several website examples, and Elliot Jay Stocks in a gorilla suit (naturally). Unfortunately no video recording was made, but I have sychronised the audio recording with my slides below. During my presentation I demonstrated each website's easter egg on the video screen, but when viewing this you will need to pause the slideshow and visit each site in a new browser tab to get what I'm talking about! You can also find many of the example sites I referenced in my bookmarks at Del.icio.us (plus a few that didn't make it into the final talk).

If you run a conference and would like me to speak, please get in touch.


Oooh, that's Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design) - with audio!

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