Leaving Clearleft

Clearleft After almost five years as a Senior Designer at Clearleft, I've decided the time is right for me to move on in search of new challenges and excitements. From July, I will return to the life of a freelancer.

It was a difficult decision to leave such a fantastic, close knit team of great friends behind. I've had a wonderful time at Clearleft, and it is without a doubt the best agency I've ever worked with. Their standards are far higher than any other agency I know, and I am honoured to have been called a ’Leftie, fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with lovely clients and on projects and conferences like Silverback, Fontdeck, dConstruct and UX London.

My desire to explore the wider world coincided with several events in my personal life which make this the perfect moment to take the leap. In addition to finding new and interesting projects to work on, I also hope to have more time for my own stuff, including both work and family. Wish me luck!

Hire me

I'm available from July for UX work, visual design, front-end build, and general web consultancy. I also intend to keep up the article writing and public speaking — in fact I hope to make more time for those things now than I could when I was at Clearleft.

I have a few fingers tenderly caressing the pastry of several pies at the moment, and I'd love to hear from you if you've got a project or idea (or indeed another pie) for me to get excited about. You should email me on paul[at]paulannett.co.uk

My first priority for this month is to get a portfolio site up of my work. Also, this blog design was rushed together to be deliberately unremarkable — maybe I'll have time to give it the design it deserves now, too.

Please spread the word (perhaps by retweeting this?), and hopefully I'll be on your radar when the next interesting project comes along.