What’s happening?

Twitter logoI couldn't be more excited about my next move. I'm joining the design team at Twitter!

I can think of no other product with which I've built such a relationship, or use so frequently. Twitter is clearly a huge deal – it feels like it's being woven into the very fabric of the web and beyond, and is totally revolutionising mass, instant, and shared communication. As Mike Davidson (their VP of Design) so perfectly summed up, Twitter is "one of the most important information platforms in the world."

I opened my Twitter account when the number of people tweeting barely reached five figures, and seeing it evolve from mundane early tweets to today's tweets, which are disrupting entire industries, winning elections, helping topple oppressive regimes, and literally saving lives – has been amazing.

I can't wait to  see  help shape how it develops.

I'll miss working with the amazing folk at GDS, creating GOV.UK. From the simple beginnings of Alphagov with a dozen of us in a disused government office that we even had to furnish ourselves, to the 200-strong team now at the heart of government, leading the charge on the public sector digital revolution, winning awards, and saving £42m of taxpayer's money to-date… what an adventure! Thanks for the exciting times, and may you have many more ahead. As GDS' illustrious leader might say: Onwards!

PS – see you on Twitter.

Update: I've just blogged about my time in government, over on the GDS blog.