Twitter Teams

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The problem

Social media teams share passwords, adding login/logout burden and increasing risk of account ‘hacks’ caused by unauthorised access.

What I did

  • Discovery phase research
  • Sketched user flows
  • Prototype usability testing
  • UI & interaction design

Success criteria met

Increased “VIT” DAU/MAU ratio beyond 30%. (i.e. verified accounts using product more often)

User flow diagram to as a communication aid for stakeholders.

I discovered our user’s needs through interviews and observational research undertaken in newsrooms. I facilitated a design workshop based on these requirements, involving the full product team – it’s important that the full team contributes and has a shared sense of ownership of new features.

I sketched up the main user journeys (one of which is shown above) based on our existing design patterns, then worked with a Front End engineer to produce a mocked up javascript prototype. I took this prototype to several newsrooms for usability testing (shown below).


Side-by-side comparison: the prototype I designed for usability testing (left) and the final product with an additional confirmation step (right) in TweetDeck.

The results of usability testing with this prototype fed into the design process, and I produced visual designs which were iterated on through design crits, then built by the engineering team.


Final Teams UI design

An example screen from the final UI design